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AUDIA is a system that reinvigorates traditional music instruments from around the world, give people the access and opportunities to learn these instruments, and connects them with support to help them along their music journeys.

There are many features to this system, if you would like to know more about it or have questions, you are welcomed to contact me for a good conversation!


AUDIA Concords are collaborations between DJs and musicians of specific instruments to create new music that excites and interests listeners but still retain the authentic essence of the instrument and culture behind them.


AUDIA Academy is a collection of masterclasses via video, for instruments with the best musicians. The musicians aren’t just masters of those instruments but also pioneers in pushing their culture forward and evolving the music as society changes. They’ve shared their instruments with the rest of the world and welcome the influences of other music genres and cultures into their own.


AUDIA Records are monthly subscriptions of instruments to expose instruments from around the world. They contain a book about the instrument and culture behind it as well as a pin representing the instrument. Concords are collectibles and the pins serve as a conversation starter when the user is out in public. It is a way for people to non-verbally communicate their music interests. AUDIA Machines are also a part of the whole explerience of exploring instruments.

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