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Post graduation I finally had the time to work on small projects I had been looking to do fore awhile. Music has always been an integral part of my design work and so I started a project called Song of Design where I used music to brand objects and create packaging based off the visuals and the music elements of the songs. Many of the designs contain other languages as I wanted to practice design using other types of text.

I've written more about the design decisions behind each design here


Don't Kill My Vibe Liqeurs

This liqeur design is based off of the song 'Don't Kill My Vibe' by Norwegian artist, Sigrid. I used visuals and color schemes from the music videos to create the designs. There are four liqeurs, raspberry, blue curacao, lemon, and mint. 

Re:make Tequila

My music taste hits multiple continents so I also used many Asian songs as inspiration. Below is tequila design for the song, 'Re:make' by Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK.

於是 Therefore Merlot

於是Therefore by Hong Kong artist G.E.M Tang as Merlot design. I borrowed small graphical elements from the Victorian style music video and darker mood.

REAL?, an English song by Japanese rock star, Miyavi, is a pale ale can design. Instead of an elegant bottle of alcohol I opted for something more casual such as a chill can of beer. To give it a stronger and sleek look, it was designed as a tall 500ml can instead of the standard 355ml. I went for a very bold design, grabbing typographical elements from the music video to match the upbeat song of this guitar god. 

REAL? Pale Ale

Head Up Tequila

Catch those beats with Don Diablo's 'Head Up' translated into tequila! I borrowed the neon type from the lyric video to stay true to the vibe that was intended for the song.

醜八怪 Cabernet Sauvignon

醜八怪translating to 'ugly beast' by Chinese singer, Joker Xue, is a Cabernet Sauvignon design I did for Valentine's Day. While it seems like a very unfitting song for a day about love, the juxtaposition was an interesting concept. I chose a romantic heavy bodied red wine to match the dark tones of the song.

孩子 Rice Milk

For a lighter note, here is rice milk design inspired from the performance of the song 孩子 Child, by Chinese singer Hua Chen Yu. I chose rice milk instead of regular cow's milk for ethical reasons regarding the dairy industry. While cow's milk is difficult to eliminate in daily diets, I like to use design as a stepping stone to promote a more ethical alternative.

煙火裡的塵埃 Whiskey

This is 煙火裡的塵埃 translating to 'The Ashes from the Fireworks' also by Hua Chen Yu as a botle of whiskey.

煙火裡的塵埃 Charcoal Ice Cream

煙火裡的塵埃 translates to "The Ashes from the Fireworks".

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