My name is Harmonie, I am a industrial designer and a musician, originally from Miami, Florida. I specialize in branding, and product and experience design. 

As a designer I see problems as opportunities for change and love to fearlessly challenge issues and redefine what’s possible. I see what others often overlook and understand the larger relationship that is created between a person and a product. I love those small, seemingly impossible ideas and piecing them together to create experiences and stories that are not afraid to breaks the rules.

Music is one of my biggest inspirations and passions. My favorite indulgence aside from playing instruments is using design to explore music. It is my way of mixing what I am good at with what I love.


On my free time I like to put together jigsaw puzzles. My rule is it has to be over 1000 pieces. 

Fun fact: I have enhanced memory, if we've met, you may not remember me but I will have remembered you and our conversations even if it was only for a minute over 10 ago!


For inquiries or to see resume, please email harmonie.tsai@gmail.com