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Sound Room's meal is kicked off with a strong appetizer with Shostakovich's Symphony #5. The appetizer takes the form of a drum but the food is actually tofu to contrast the usual perception of a drum. Despite the aggression and high volume of the Symphony #5, there are a lot of important soft undertones that must be carefully addressed by the orchestra to craft the whole piece. This comes from my personal experience of having to perform this song with an orchestra.

Main Course

The main course is music sheet as food for the piece The Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. This is pasta sauce tasting with chocolate linguine. Every note in a song holds character to a musician. They all form a relationship with each other that isn't always musical and hold different tastes underneath the fingers when actually being played on an instrument. 


We end with a love dream, Libestraum, by Franz Liszt for dessert. It is a simple gesture represented by a puff of cotton candy infused with vodka.

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