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Duolingo is more than an app.

Wander Duo is built on the belief that the world would be a better place if there was better communication, education, and firsthand exposure to cultures around the world to foster better understanding across groups of people.

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Duo is the owl mascot of Duolingo.


Encourage people to not only pick up languages but expand their world view through travel and first-hand exposure to cultures.

3 Phase Strategy

Accessible Introduction

Community Building

First-hand Experience

Phase 1: Advertisement Activations

Phase 1 merges the ideas that knowing a second language is considered cool and food is one of the most accessible ways into culture and language.

GOAL: create buzz and FOMO, incite exposure to and interest in cultures and languages through food.

Duolingo will offer vouchers to dine at partner local restaurants that are authentic to specific cultures.

These are food spots that people may not normally go to because they’re unfamiliar with the culture.


QR codes to redeem Wander Duo restaurant vouchers are placed on print and digital ads.

The food spots featured on each billboard are from a different culture in the respective language.

Are you hungry?
I will treat you out to eat!

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Those that can read or are curious enough to scan are able to redeem free meals.

As it gains traction, more people will scan whether or not they can read the languages.

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Phase 2: Social Media Extension

The goal of Phase 2 is to bring deeper engagement into Duolingo’s campaign as an immersive experience that also nurtures a community of people that are passionate about food and culture.

By eating at Wander Duo locations, participants can keep track of all the locations they’ve unlocked. As part of the Wander Duo campaign, they have special social media filters they can use to promote the places they’ve been to.

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Phase 3: Duo Global Scholar Program

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Duolingo launches a mystery Wander Duo Challenge with a prize
of a free, curated trip to somewhere around the world.

Sky Team Alliance


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How it Works

  1. Applicants check all the languages they are fluent in and languages they are interested in.

  2. Duolingo assigns applicants a language to learn from their app in a certain time frame (different depending on language).

  3. Duolingo creates a network/social forum for participants and checks in on them periodically.

  4. Participants are tested at checkpoints specifically for the program and gain points similarly to how it is in the app.

  5. Duolingo has a public leaderboard for the world to follow and cheer on.

  6. The Top 5 point scorers get to choose a country of their newly learned language to visit on a Duolingo-curated trip for free. They commit to following Duolingo’s program for the trip and periodically updating social media and gathering content to share.

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