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This trio of poster designs, Uno, Nessuno, e Centomila, was inspired the novel "One, No One and One Hundred Thousand", "Uno, Nessuno e Centomila" by Italian author, Luigi Pirandello. The novel tells the story of a man, Vitangelo Moscarda, who slowly breaks down after realizing that no one he knew, really knew him and that he had multiple identities he wasn't even aware of. 

The first poster directly quotes Pirandello in the novel. Although we may have only one physical body, we exist in as many realities as the people we connect with. There are multiples of "us" roaming around the world as differents lights in other's' perspectives in which we have no control over and many times are completely different from who we thought we were.

At the top of the design there is a blurry hue as a symbol of us as individuals; it fades into an orbit consisting of different shapes as a representation of our different personas in different realities.

The Italian quote translated is as follows, "The reality that I have for you is in the form that you give me; but it is reality for you and not for me; the reality that you have for me is in the form that I give you; but it is reality for me and not for you."

While thinking about this idea of existence in multiple forms, I came across a very interesting concept. In every conversation with someone other than yourself, there is always more than two people present even if there are only two physical bodies. 

This poster design is a abstract, geometric graphic representing such phenomenon. There is a cluster of entities on each side of the poster. These clusters each have three distinct graphics as a representation of the parties in involved when engaging in a conversation.

The third poster is actually a simple and ordinary experience of a mirror as a final gesture to our identity as who we are. We look in the mirror everyday, visually we are the same person but in another dimension our identities are actually fluid as it transforms based on the people that perceive us..

The quote in English, "today's reality is destined to reveal itself tomorrow as illusion."

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