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listen to the music, sit back, and relax

- Sophie

Getting in touch with my roots, 滿月火星 Full Moon Mars is a mini design remix project I did on my free time for one of my favorite Chinese singers, Hua Chen Yu華晨宇. For the theme, I chose Mid-Autumn Festival, a huge event in Asia, with the idea that something like this could be released for the festival.

The vinyl record, because is so closely related to music, is something that would be predictably designed for a musician so for more variation, I added the mooncake and osmanthus wine​ design both which are traditionally consumed for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

You can read more about my process in my blog here

The vinyl sleeve opens to two compartments. One side is the the vinyl record which plays different live performances from his concerts which are called Mars Concerts. The opposite compartment houses a lyric book.

The mooncake has each character of his name engraved on a separate cake with the last one being a moon, a gesture to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

These were the final designs after fumbling around on the cluttered artboard for hours. If you would like to hear more about my process, feel free to contact me!

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