when women have the opportunity to empower other women, they do

Adi Hub is a digital platform that unites women in sports to join together as a community. We looked at high school females who desire to be part of sports but lack the confidence or motivation; our app allows them to take the first steps into forming or becoming part of a team. Once they have formed a community, they are able to have access to an adi hub, a versatile stadium that changes its interface based on the sport. Teams will be able to customize their interface together, and in doing so build confidence, an identity and a bond.

In fall of 2016, I was part of a great group of 18 selected designers to participate in a 3-day workshop sponsored by Adidas in Portland,Oregon. I was in a team with product designer, Felix Hoyos, and interaction designer Angela Nguyen.

Conversely, not everyone may have access to an adi hub. Our solution, to give more women more sports, is to build pop up hubs in existing spaces. A parking lot at school or an open grass field can have an adi pop up. These pop ups will provide sports equipment for rental, only available through building a community from the mobile app.